Log #2 = Back from hell..eerrr, I mean my lab.

recently i was so occupied by real life commitment. my studies, relationship matters and discussion about EU crisis was the reason that my timeplay of eroge were cut drastically. and thanks to that my recently new blog now just look a desolate place without its owner, but I am back, to unleash my passion and … Continue reading

Log #1 Capitalism is lolicious, Silver Twintail is Blizzare

so i’m back to throw my brain dump here, oh whatever~ okay for the sake of the content in this post, i want to talk [more liek junk] about this month release, my pick would be; Your Diary, Kajiri Kamui Kagura and Mirai Nostalgia~ YOUR DIARY~ the story revolve in Tomoki, our cute protagonist, who … Continue reading