I’m Still Alive…

Still in exam week so I’ve been inactive from 2D world for…one..one week? I wish i have Keima God capture mode so i can finish my backlog with speed of light but that is my limit as a normal being. shikataneee darou?

Of course i have slight free time and still grinding through orenotsure, this time I go for senpai, never fond of nee-san type though..wait, she is more like a imouto-type trapped in a senpai body!?

Kozano Akari looks like Ika musume though.

So because Corona was delayed into December and college life had taken toll to my life,  I was quite disconnected from anything that related to eroge news..yeah it is so sad i know. However i checked to Circus site and Da Capo III probably turned into all age version, well in my opinion no H-content will boost market sale because it will touch many section that eroge market never touch. I love Da Capo II [ The Devil Imouto Asakura~ >< ] but if they still put cliche pattern i think i will pass. enuff plot is enuff -_-”

Ordered Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai -quantum girlfriend- and finally it arrives! have a slight check into it and it make me fallen in love already. The art is beautiful, The sprite is clean, and the gameplay is very very good. Because in the end of the year my fiancee probably will stay in Tokyo to finish her project I’ll just turn to hikki mode. playing this with Corona, you need a billion minutes to deal with it.

Amaterasu GAWD is BAWS

Oh this Bishoujo-so-called-Amaterasu is just BAWS.. and there is another two Goddess that make your heart goes ROAAAARWWWWR~

Of course i’ll have exclusive post about my thought on Kikouyoku Senki II Gin no Toki no Corona when it arrives this month. I’m RPG fans since i was known to a thing called “computer games” and will show you how I love my loli~!!

so that is it for today, thanks for coming~

blog walking and found this DORAMA..Well just one comment, a good ero seiyuu will always make me ahegao and eargasm, and to be able make me like that you have to put a lot of dedication and will of heart into your voice. Honestly i admire all of the enthusiast in there, though.



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