Log #2 = Back from hell..eerrr, I mean my lab.

recently i was so occupied by real life commitment. my studies, relationship matters and discussion about EU crisis was the reason that my timeplay of eroge were cut drastically. and thanks to that my recently new blog now just look a desolate place without its owner, but I am back, to unleash my passion and rage of Erodooou~!

i still followed the latest news of eroge, and the one thing that made my day is that legendary writer of G-Senjou no Maou and Himawari no Shojou, whom i know as Loose Boy, finally writing an eroge again in the banner of CollaborationS. the title of his latest works is Taiyou no Ko. he come up with very interesting concept, the tale of friendship. of course i expect a lot about it, since nowadays most Eroge are bleak, mostly a charage without a mindblowing plot. as Loose Boy had a great capability to fucked my mind into a wonderful and shocking n blowing story.

The second happy moment is that Kikouyoku Senki II Gin no Toki no Corona finally release the trial! so when i got free time i played it. one thing worth to note that the gameplay are superb, it was way beyond from Kamidori and Daiteikoku, totally in different level. and yes it means it will sucked my timeplay a lot*sigh*. the trial can be downloaded here.


So how about this month release; okay let me a see, my pick would be Izuna Zanshinken, Midori no Umi and Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu , but neverthless i would love to have a general glance at Koisora FD and Walkure Romance.

Izuna Zanshiken

my top pick would be Izuna Zanshinken by Akatsuki Black Works. talking about a cute and innocent boy named Kotaro but it seem he turns out to be a devil who wears prada…wait, i mean devil with angel smile? err whatever. he was assigned for replacing his Father as Izuna, or in simplier term, an assasin, and try to revenge the death of his father by eliminating all villain that plague Yuunagi city. so the tale of a bloody angel begins..

If you want me to comment about this game, you wont expect a heartwarming story or a healing moe character, it would be bloody, violence with brutal description, high gore quality as you would expect from Nitro+ and it would be included great action with Akatsuki Works style. It was there to pump out your nerves and will. People who are loving imouto and harem in a romantic story would be hard to digest this because it presented our dark side, a tale of human killing without mercy and be a beast.

Aside of all violence and stuff, actually the story was interesting, it tell a tale of dark-side of a human being. if you really like philosopher of realist like Nico Machiavelli, Thulchydes and Hans J Morgenthau, you would find their theories applied in the story. it was a fantasy but at the same time a realistic story about the nature of human. that is the main reason i choose it as my top pick. I want to see what of their thinking about the other side of this world. Human is a beautiful being, but it also true that at the same time could be ugly.

Midori No Umi

taken place in remote place, where there is a lake and also surrounded by huge trees. There was a mansion and twelve people lives who lives in that mansion. But all of them have lost memories. The place can also depict as a paradise, and once you come out you can’t come back. The story begin to unfold when one of the boy went out of the paradise and our protagonist began to question his existence in that place, slowly regaining
his memories. what would happen to our boy?

yes, another story with deep philosophy. Human will never satisfied with their deeds, that is why even human got eternal happiness in their hands, their probably will let it to the trash to search a challenge, called a trouble. so i really want to know whether Cabbit can elaborate these philosophy into their story. it was still vague but from the tracks that i found it could be turn out as Uminako with another style. forecast is forecast so dont trust my rants too much.

i expect a twisted, turnout event that would deliver epic climax because these kind of story have a strong foundation to deliver these blows. the CG so far so good and the sprite also nicely done. but if they can’t make a great suprise to the reader. i would call it a fail, because a story with mysterious setting are always set to blown readers mind.

Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu

taking place in modern Japan. In the edge of a metropolitan city lies a castle with a great wall. A kingdom that ruled by a loli queen, Ruha. and there is other 3 habitant including the protag, Hayato. he serves as butler and at the same time as a chef and gardener! The tale of smallest country in the world would presented you in loli-pettan style..

okay, since this is Pulltop games dont-ever-think-SERIOUSLY about the story and the setting. When you refer to Pulltop games the main offering is always be HOW-TO-LOVE-LOLIIII~ and loli in Pulltop style are the best. Pulltop games would be always in my heart because it was one of the first eroge that i have played. Yes, this pick was biased by OBVIOUS FANBOISM but at least i give a sound-just-argument reason. No lolicon in this world can despised THIS LOLI BELOW. THIS. ART. NUOOOOO IT IS MORE DAMAGING MY HEALTH THAN ANYTHIIIIING~

Koisora FD

if you are Studio Ryokucha fans, there you go, a Koisora Fan Disc. could tell anything though except have a moar ecchi scenes with moar heroine too ;_;

Walkure Romance

Riccotta..hmm let me see the story;

it’s all about a so once called world-class-jouster attend a prestigous school with joustling as their main sport.he retired as a joustler because of an injury but still hoping and decided to take part in the competition in his school as a coach. in order to that he need a partner for the competition..and well the development story..it was easy to understand. Not so hard to predict either.

Welcome to another knight and princess story, so gorgeous, so flashy, and the CG really wonderful. but that’s it. that’s all what you get. personally these type of game would bring me intoa pattern like this; oh nice CG! oh Gorgeous! the H-Scene also gorgeous! but then after i finished all the routes the memories of it was gone, erased just like i was hit by a star from the sky and turning me into an amnesia condition. it was just another Princess Lover called Walkure Romance. At least conquering an Ojousama with Knight attributes is always a hard fought and challenge for us Keima wannabe, No?

okay, recently i was playing Ore no Tsure wa Hito de Nashi [Whale;2010]. RL was so stressfull and i just randoming read and play this game, which i expect “another rubbish” . I read it and read it and read it AND I FINISHED ONE ROUTE WITHOUT ME NOTICING IT 0_0.  Feels like Majikoi with extreme jokes and extreme blackhole of boke-tsukkomi flying around between A boing android and A loli vampire serve with insanity. Mad Scientist, Idiotic friends that i don’t even, and a Principal who crushed a softball team by himself. But it lighten my mood up!

it tells about our Protagonist Saechi Yuuma dealing with the girls that isn’t human, it range from Android, Witch, Vampire, Lycanthrope and Air. their unique yet troublesome habit really bringing our Yuuma a great headache and things gone bad to worse as the girls formed a cooking club. how Yuuma life then?

i believe it was Whale first game and it was not so good yet not so bad. The main issue  in this game that they can’t bringing a neat pace of story. it just full of jokes, cramming HCG in individual route, and rushed the drama in five minutes, with repetitious formula of solving problem. yeah miracle is the ultimate problem solving. YA IT IS SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND! The art also kind of sloppy and lot of inconsistent.

but i give +1 for the jokes. they really putting interesting personality to each character and able synchronize between the characters, resulting a happy and hillarious moment, which is really, really hard to believe it was nicely done [Ya i point to you Damamuko]. it was rare for me to like all the heroine, even Hanafusa Chikae, one of the heroine that have klutz attribute with fluffy chest, which basically one of the type that i dislike, come to like it. [found out that she is the wiser of the five heroine available].

I have finished Mimasaka Alice route, the lycanthrope one. silver hair, flat chest and gothic outfit with kemomimi style is just so…overwhelming. She is a strong heroine with magnificent pride being of a lycanthrope. but can switch to dere-dere mode like a cute puppy once you conquered it. no, no there isn’t any S&M play here. and i share your dissappointment because all of HCG are done with Vanilla Style.

Aaeru, you succeed to persuade me buying this touchpad derp.

2 Responses to “Log #2 = Back from hell..eerrr, I mean my lab.”
  1. Aaeru says:

    hi nshirou

    Hohoho I see I got a mention ^^
    That tablet I got isn’t really recommended. The precision for presses is absolutely awful.

    This game ‘Ore no tsure wa hito de nashi’ was one I wanted to play for a long time mainly because of the clean artwork, but hearing your opinions on it I might pass.

    Anyway first time I’ve bumped into your blog, I’ve added you to my blogroll http://visualnovelaer.wordpress.com/

    This is my twitter which you were already following. http://twitter.com/#!/Aaeru_

    Look forward to more posts and see you around (^_-)-☆


    (PS: and drop by to say hi on IRC too, you can bulldoze your stress here – also lots of eroge minded people here)

    • nshirou says:

      hi Aeeru~ thanks for visiting my blog ^^ and also for following my twitter too ^^

      yeah I realized it when i went to Singapore, so probably I would wait til next year, hopefully there is a new generation of tablet that suit much for playing Eroge or VN.

      I don’t recommend playing OreNoTsure though..it is just piece of work that slip by and fill my short resting time in the midst of assignment, just too bleak and a lot of inconsistent in sprite and art..the story also meh.. I love the jokes anyway =D

      if i have time, I’d love to visit 🙂

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