Log #1 Capitalism is lolicious, Silver Twintail is Blizzare

so i’m back to throw my brain dump here, oh whatever~

okay for the sake of the content in this post, i want to talk [more liek junk] about this month release, my pick would be; Your Diary, Kajiri Kamui Kagura and Mirai Nostalgia~


the story revolve in Tomoki, our cute protagonist, who met a goddess named Yua that lie in a book called “Your Diary”. the Goddess claimed that  she can guide him to reach his own happiness, what’s happen next to Tomoki life?

regarding Your Diary, personally i’ve never playing CUBE games before but from my experience, judging from OP [the OP itself probably would be taken into my top 10 list of OP of the year], thus synopsis of the story, it could be a very heartwarming, relaxing and perhaps remind of your own love-story. CUBE previous game is Natsu No Ame, and that game is considered excellent for a debut, so yes i would pick it up and have a go with it.

also i love the art~ and moar loli~ i can feel my passion run wildly in me to play this game~!

Sayuki is a, Kuudere, Pettan and got Senpai trait in her, noooooo i couldn’t resist!! it just hit on my weak spot ❤


as for Kajiri Kamui Kagura, it’s talk about the battle of demon and human imbued with Kami-ge POwaaaa~, and for your information, Light, the developer of Kajiri Kamui Kagura is known for its strong point in creating an eroge action-theme based, on my first impression, these game has got it all to burn your shounen pulse, it JUZ ROCK N BLOOD WITH SENGOKU BASARA STYLE~ love the uniqueness of the art <3. the minus however, this game has so many point of view, which is there a possibility to ruin the flow of the story. well as long it didn’t impeded plot of story it couldn’t be a problem. i used to read a book which got many view of point on it and yeah it just get along well, so i expected the same on this. have pre-ordered since i just love this type of game.

and i found a loli demon riding nine-tail cat, yea fox? Naruto?

and lastly is Mirai Nostalgia from Purple Software, it tells about a human who have an extraordinary ability, moving object without touching them, but well he lives an ordinary life, oh btw the human named Yuuichi, but it seem his life turn into chaos as he met Anna, who claimed that she was rejected by Yuiichi future-self.

many of friends tell me that Mirai Nostalgia is the best purple software games that ever created so far, and the majority say it so, regardless of that, i haven’t installed nor touched the game, eventhough it is already in my library. it seem a mediocre game with a mediocre protag and cliche plot, but let us just see. it is just moar better than other release which mostly a general charage.

since i’m a new to eroge scene, i prefer to play old Eroge / Visual Novel that considered masterpiece in the previous year, and also sometimes playing underrated eroge. i have a habit to read until finish rather than to drop it, since i have many friends who got many eroge [most of them are really a genuine kami-ge]  and they are so kind to let me borrow their game. if you calculate it with my principle whose having a hard time to drop the book into abyss. you could guess that my backlog are simply horror. even my chill shivering if i read my own backlog..derp..

i’m fed up with eroge drama based lately so instead go to baka-ge, i playing a RPG and it successfully eaten my gametime. i’m playing Maou To Odore 2 [Catwalk; 2010] and so far so good. the only minus they didn’t know how to insert HCG at the right time, man, showing tentakel rape and NTR per episode is just horrible, it destroys the mood you built in you know Catwalk?

oh regardless the incompetency of placing CG at the right moment, the game tells about the life  about a soldier from Kingdom of Libfar, his homeland. namely Soron. the game start when Prince of Libfar died in an accident. there he met again with his osanajimi, Princess Marie Grenoble, Daughter of Yuria Grenoble. as the game flows, the Libfar kingdom were fallen into chaos as a religious organization [moar like capitalist organization and child-making organization], Purima, lead a stealthly invasion. Soron successfully saved Marie and left the kingdom, as in the journey, they meet Fuuta, the elf who excel in black magic and Kirin, The loli-elf who acclaimed herself as a treasure hunter. they begin their conquest to bring back Libfar with code name; “SAVE OUR NATION” –>if you’re Indonesian you’ll know what this mean, it’s that beard barbar code name of his mission to be a president, derp.

the game depict how state behave in real life; national interest, merchant, money and such. also playing these game remind me how people behave in metropolitan city, called it materialism.  i personally liked Soron, Dependable, Kind,  Humoric, Strong, but stiff to heroine in a proportional way. which on my opinion is a concept of an ideal protag of galge/eroge.

the gameplay…standard, or might be poor if compare to Eternal games or Eushully games. the art also nothing special to comment. but i have premises the story maybe will ended up good, so i’ll stick to the end.

probably i can see the ending in Marie route, Fuuta is just mysterious so i dont know what the story lies behind her, but my conquest in this game is KIRIN, OH OKAY A PETTAN TWINTAIL SILVER HAIR WITH TREASURE HUNTER CONCEPT IS NUOOOORGH, I APPROVED. oh and i am still curious about her past, probably something called emo-tragedy happening to her and Soron saves the day and..a heartwarming ending i hope, Come on Soron, Save the world todaaay~!

beside Maou to Odore 2, i also playing Fortune Arterial [August; 2008] still in prologue though. gratefully i didn’t watch the anime. and this game considered one of the best eroge in 2008, so i’ll check the content out.

making tis little twintail kid as a heroine would breed many faidopil in da world, one of the faidophile might be me, 許ぜ、神様. blame the character designer who corrupted me.


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