Eroge and Visual Novel: The Theory

huhmm…how should i begin with? my ramble today is to publish what me and Naoe [my friend] thoughts a long ago, and of course it’s related to eroge, we didn’t do any research or whatever, it is just pop out “TU TU RU~~~” like that!

these post will talk about mainly eroge in general, first lets pop out the question, what is eroge? because i’m too lazy [and will, be, always lazy] to pop up the explanation on that i would refer you to Eroge definition by Micchi in his Blog, he was kindly enough to explain it in very easy easy way~ even people who got broken brain cell in their head still get the point of it..perhaps..oh here’s the link to it.

And yeah after we see what eroge is, now i want to publish our theory; in our theory, eroge always consist of three elements; story, art/gameplay [mainly on Eroge with RPG concept on it and H-content.  if in politics there is some term called TRIAS POLITICA. i’ll call these TRIAS EROTICA. and if you put all three element into a comparison of triangle, you wouldn’t get a perfect triangle. if i see all eroge that had been released until now, i never found an eroge with superb story, superb gameplay, and enourmous H-content on one package~! it’s explain why KEY Product are sucks when it comes to H-Scenes and Softhouse-Seal would never evar creating an eroge with good story on it until the end of the world..oh they are creating nukige.

okay i want to apply these theory to my experience, the work that i considered well-done created is : Clannad [Key], Little Busters Ecstasy [KEY], Fate/Stay Night [Type-Moon], and Tayutama [Lump of Sugar].

probably why the Clannad are pretty superb at building story-telling and plotline because they focus so much on it, you will found that the BGM on that Visual Novel are perfectly match with building the plot and climax,but you will see the quality of art are kind of off. and Clannad isn’t an eroge to begin with.

now lets make Clannad as a comparison, let’s go to their next product, Little Busters Ecstasy, the art are definitely improving greatly than Clannad, the power of story telling and BGM of KEY is [might be] still lingering but there is also malaise. the protagonist [Naoe Riki] is just so off, and the plot are clearly feel rushed, and HCG clearly destroying the mood IMO. i considered LB EX! as a significant downturn in story section. Kudo is the best loli that i evar seen~ it breaks my heart to see that little angel in HCG. polluted by ravaging lust of ppl who got lolita complex..

as looking to Fate/Stay Night, the story telling are more powerful than KEY do, since Fate are action-fantasy based eroge, they created a perfect setting of it, using heroes mythology from every culture/society to create concept of their own world, and since it was action-story based the effect and the art must be good and Type-Moon deliver good job on it. but because it focuses so much on their story, imo you would expect a little development with the heroine and of course a small quantity of HCG. btw the concept TO MAKE KING ARTHUR TO ARTHURIA WITH PETTAN – KUUDERE – ANIME ART POTRAIT IS JUST NUOOOOOORRRRRGGHHHH~! IT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA~! EVEN STEPHEN HAWKING WOULDN’T THINK OF IT! AND EXCALIBAAAAAAR~ Gha Gha Gha…Derp.

oh and i hate that yandere bitch btw, it’s better to have illya be the main heroine…

as for Tayutama, recently i played this eroge and it was really pleasure to read, Yuuji is the best support character alongside with Sunohara that i’ve known. it tell about idealism of life, there is also philosophy of politics if you play Mifuyu route. but compare to Fate/Stay Night, the story itself not so strong as it, and LB has more good plotline and writing styles, but compare to LB and FSN too, the development of heroine in Tayutama much better, also the H-Content in it are two times more bigger than Fate or LB EX! and more better too~! that’s why Tayutama is considered as Charage [moar like Mashiro-ge in my own term] YUMINA BUNSHIN IS JUST HILLARIOUS, THE MOST FUNNY H-SCENE I EVAAAAAR SAW AND MIFUYU SADO STYLE JUS NUOOOOOORGH~!

charage is not good for my mental health..blurp..

so what i want to point out is; there is no perfect thing, even in the eroge. every piece of work have its own greatest point and everyone can define “the best” by it’s own definition, so rather than to debate it is moar better to appreciate and respect. play the eroge that captive you so much but dont insult other people. <—yea i’m raging because some ppl always insult me because i don’t like boing and always been fanboism of pettan. saying me lolicon and siscon as i’m the most dangerous germs ever seen in this world. blurp..

so that is the rumbling for today,  can i get my PhD  now?





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