An Introduction…

hee..i should introduce myself? mattaku, kono mendokusai koui kuseni…

okay for this first post, you can call me Natsume, Shirou or NatsuNyan [my GF calls me with this name. . .]. my full name is Natsume Shirou, and you probably think i am an Japanese, wrong, I’m an Indonesian who were lucky enough to have a fiancee from Japan and thanks to her now i got this name. well. Natsume Shirou is a 19-year college student, a gamer, a translator and a VN/Eroge enthusiast. i don’t know if i can describe myself as an Otaku but one thing for sure i have huge interest in Japanese culture, especially the modern one. and my utmost interest of course in Visual Novel and Eroge.

well it started two years ago, back in the high school, i always have passion in games, ranging from DotA to RPG games in PS/PS2 console. i always being a fan of Suikoden Series and i know art of anime from that game. i also have a great interest in literature, and found Suikoden isn’t an ordinary RPG, it has different ending, and also i need to mention that  the story also great.  from there i wondering if is there any Japanese game that emphasizes more in the story and then i found someone, my classmate, just called him Naoe.

i still remember my first Eroge that he give, Princess Waltz from Pulltop [the game was gone into abyss T_T] , the card battle system are piece of thrash but the effect of battle is great. t the bishoujo is just NNNNNGGGGGHHHH~! the story, the narration of battle just tickle my utmost-deep emotion and i fully realized, i fallen in love with Eroge and Visual Novel at the first sight.

so begin the harsh road that i have to take  for playing Eroge/Visual Novel. i have no background at all of Japanese language, and 95% of Eroge and VN still in its local language. so i start surfing the internet, reading Kim tutorial about Nihongo, Downloading Wakan and buying Nelson Dictionary of kanji characters, playing Eroge with AGTH [now ITH] and ATLAS translation sucks as hell so i have to copy-paste to my Wakan.  it was really tiresome but my hard-work now had been paid in full-love-maximum possible. because now i can read those hellish Japanese Characters! only in one year XD XD. and thanks to that, i accidentally met with a Japanese girl when i am studying japanese language, and it seem my wish to have a nadeshiko,, a japanese wife might be blessed by God up there XD.

so i wrote this blog to show my love on VN and Eroge, then probably posting bullshit about my journey of 2D adventure, making review of it, and etc. when i reading Eroge and VN i consider myself in their world, so that is why this blog named “Dimension Wanderer”. and since i also literature enthusiast, i never use CTRL to skip..maybe on some special occasion though ba ha ha.

well that is all, next time maybe i will write my thought about Eroge and such! 🙂

Saber is cute and Pettan is justice ~

Blonde Powaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!




6 Responses to “An Introduction…”
  1. Naoe says:



  2. Ru~ says:

    blognya angga-nii ya…
    selamat atas dibukanya blog ini *telat*
    saya ada sih akun wordpress, tapi jarang dibuka ==a

  3. John Nero Krauss III says:


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